Year 2022, Crypto Market Is Now In Recession, Here Why.

This season is a sad times for investor to gearing up for new portfolio. suddenly, an new problem has expand beyond the globe. So what happened to overall crypto-economy that linked to the world, and you shouldn’t be worried much.

BitCoin hit below $23,000

Speaking of BitCoin worrying, we report the yesterday performance and it started to recover a bit, a crypto lending company, Celsius has seized the withdrawals for its customers, causing fears into the wider scopes. All those risk-asset has sell-off by investor, marked as the lowest since 2020.

Luckily, Since BTC now below 25K you can buy it at lowered price as will take an opportunity for your first trade.

LUNA Crisis

We covered LUNA crash previously, we know LUNA was an mess and bad for investor to double down one meme-coin. As the rise of Luna 2.0 Airdrop arrival and Binance recovered Classics one, So don’t take this way too serious. It might never know what happen soon after.

Global Economic Recession:
War between Russia and Ukraine affected Food Chain supply and much worse. FED has raise its interest rate to 1.25%-1.50% led to many part of the world crypto-asset began to freefall, smaller like BNB, solana, cardana, XRP, dogecoin, tron and the rest went declines over the last 24 hours.

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