YCLUB adopting Web3 transforming Superyacht Industry

YCLUB’s Superyacht Booking and Sales Marketplace, founded by internet veterans, e-commerce experts, and superyacht industry leaders, combines the best of Web2 e-commerce with the speed, capabilities, and security of Web3.

YCLUB.io, a Web3 superyacht community, is introducing the world’s first Superyacht Booking and Sales Marketplace within a Web3, 3D metaverse ecosystem, backed by dedicated, live trip managers, to give a dramatically better and transformed superyacht listing, booking, purchasing, and managing experience. The four founders have been working together for decades and have over sixty years of combined experience creating multiple successful Web2 e-commerce systems for Fortune 100 companies. A superyacht and megayacht veteran, a team of seasoned Web2 and Web3 engineers, and TheYacht Mogul, the world’s largest superyacht influencer, round out the core team.

Due to inefficient and laborious procedures, the superyacht industry’s present booking, sales, management, marketing, and crew operations are ripe for disruption. YCLUB eliminates inefficiencies in booking, payments, and KYC. The superyacht booking procedure is currently difficult and time-consuming because it is not automated and lacks a live trip manager.

KYC is not centralized, and payment rails are sluggish and expensive. YCLUB’s Web3 ecosystem, with frictionless crypto payments, a centralized, automated KYC process that never needs to be repeated, and a live YCLUB Manager (™) to support every step of the booking and sales process, are just a few of the innovations YCLUB introduces to improve the booking and sales experience for superyacht clients and professionals.

Another of YCLUB’s disruptive technologies is the Superyacht Trip Builder (™), which enhances and gamifies the search and booking experience with 3D models of superyachts, metaverse-based trip visualizations, almost infinite trip modifications, and a live, dedicated YCLUB Manager (™). YCLUB offers a fun, rich, and hassle-free charter booking experience using Superyacht Trip Builder (™).

Denis Suka, or “The Yacht Mogul,” a co-founder of YCLUB, emphasizes that “YCLUB’s objective is to establish the most robust Web3-based superyacht community in the world.” The YCLUB Superyacht Booking and Sales Marketplace is the basic initial launch of YCLUB’s whole ecosystem.

YCLUB will be exhibiting at CryptoExpo in Dubai on March 8-9, 2023, where they will demonstrate its Superyacht Booking and Sales Marketplace as well as introduce YCLUBVerse, the first superyacht marine metaverse.

For more information on YCLUB, visit: YCLUB.io 


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