World’s Best Chefs Serve Up Awareness of the Doomed State of the Food Service Industry

Today, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the world’s best Chefs are focused on serving up awareness about the doomed state of the food service industry.

Good work, yes!, but that activism on Top of the $2.2-T aid/relief package will likely not be enough. 

I expect 70% of restaurants will close as a result of this,” says Tom Colicchio, founder of Crafted Hospitality and host of Bravo’s Top Chef, said,  “We were the 1st industry to completely shut down.” 

His Crafted Hospitality has laid off 300 people across its locations in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. 

Mr. Colicchio is an active member of The Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC) fighting for additional funding.

With the US restaurant industry generating $880-B in revenue annually he is on the front lines urging Congress to deliver a 6-month “income-replacement program” valued at $440-B to save the American restaurant industry from total collapse. 

In a recent interview Mr. Colicchio sounded a mix of determined and jittery said the interviewer. “He spoke rapidly, as if he was giving orders in one of his kitchens. But you could hear the doom and gloom in his voice. By Friday he sounded a bit more relaxed but kept repeating, ‘We have a long way to go.’”

Have a healthy day, order in and stay home!

PS: You can always learn how to cook. PE

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