World Renowned Scientist Says: “Covid-19 Models Were Astronomically Wrong”

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In a recent interview, Dr. John Ioannidis had a harsh assessment of modelers who predicted as many as 40-M people would die and the US healthcare system would be overrun because of C-19 coronavirus.

He predicted it and it came true: The models used to forecast C-19 coronavirus deaths were dead wrong, in fact, astronomically wrong.

Dr. Ioannidis is not a stranger to bad science. He has outed it before. But this time he says he is “extremely sad” that his predictions that health officials were wrong in claiming millions would die in the virus chaos were verified.

What this means is that the massive lockdowns causing Depression era levels of unemployment and economic destruction, not to mention suicides and social unrest were for all for naught. In other words, they were a mistake.

In March, Dr. Ioannidis said it was uncertain how long lockdowns could be maintained without serious consequences.

One of the bottom lines is that we do not know how long social distancing measures and lockdowns can be maintained without major consequences to the economy, society, and mental health,” Dr. Ioannidis wrote. “Unpredictable evolutions may ensue, including financial crisis, unrest, civil strife, war, and a meltdown of the social fabric.”

And just 3 months after that interview, the world has seen unemployment levels unseen since the Great Depression, mass business closures, spikes in suicide and drug overdose, and social unrest on a scale not seen in the US since the 1960’s.

The predictions of most mathematical models in terms of how many beds and how many ICU beds would be required were astronomically wrong,” Dr. Ioannidis said. “Indeed, the health system was not overrun in any location in the USA, although several hospitals were stressed.”

He added, these actions had detrimental effects on the US healthcare system, which was “severely damaged” because of extreme measures taken.

If he is 50% right it suggests that the experts did failed again.

There’s little question that the lockdowns have caused widespread economic, social, and emotional carnage. Evidence that US states that locked down fared better than states that did not is hard to find.

Though not yet certain, the C-19 chaos may well turn out to be another example of central planning gone wrong.

See the entire interview here.

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