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Joystick, a next-generation gaming ecosystem that empowers users to become business owners, professional eSports gamers, or content creators in the evolving Web3 world, combines tech, gamefi, education, communities and NFT assets to deliver maximum yield across the metaverse.           

Michael Le, one of the most popular content creators with over 10 billion views on TikTok, along with tech entrepreneur Robin DeFay, announced the launch of a revolutionary gaming and esports platform called Joystick. Joystick leverages metaverse assets in ways that benefit ecosystem users and guilds by giving them the opportunity to keep 100% of the revenue they generate playing games on the blockchain.     

Joystick is focused on connecting the largest games globally to their players. The platform is the first to provide players a path to web3 financial freedom, flipping the current play-to-earn revenue sharing model by giving players 100% of the revenue they generate. Joystick is pushing boundaries by removing current global accessibility limitations and making it easy for anyone to play anytime, anywhere.            

Michael Le (aka @JustMaiko), co-founder of Joystick and outspoken supporter of Web3, said “Play-to-earn gaming has the potential to change so many lives and Joystick is creating a culture around this revolution. Joystick’s goal is to create an environment where owning gaming assets and other tokens is accessible and beneficial to anyone in the world. The industry is craving a new model where players are more empowered to get paid for their time, and Joystick offers a valuable solution.”                                           

By creating and sharing educational content, Le’s goal is to educate traditional gamers exposing them to the opportunities in play-to-earn gaming. Along with Le, Joystick has already raised a $8 million seed round and is currently raising a $110 million Series A, putting Joystick on track to become one of the most valuable gaming start-ups in the world and leading Le to become the most successful “born-on-TikTok” creator in the world of business.      

DeFay, CEO and Co-Founder, added “The rise of play-to-earn gaming and Web3 has created new earning potential for gamers. We are revolutionizing this model by allowing players to pay a fixed fee and earn 100% of the revenue they generate – a major improvement over the traditional revenue sharing model used by everyone else. This means the more players play, out hustle and outsmart, the more money they earn – not us.”                                         

About the business model

The primary platform revenue will be generated from NFT assets, both directly and indirectly from a rental program where users utilize the assets in exchange for in-game rewards. Joystick takes a small monthly fee instead of the industry standard 50%+ of revenue generated by the player. This improved model allows the player to earn 100% of the revenue they generate, empowering them to build their own business in the Web3 world. In addition to a top tier suite of educational resources, with cameo appearances from leading industry creators and influencers, Joystick will host regular eSports tournaments for players to have fun, compete, test their skills and earn rewards like JOY tokens, NFTs, and sponsorships.                                                     

About JOY

JOY tokens will be ERC-20 tokens issued on the Ethereum network. The JOY token is designed to capture all value generated through Joystick activities as the platform acquires gaming assets, gaming guilds, early round token allocation, access to the best liquidity pools, games and gaming studios. JOY token holders will have access to reward distribution, discounted priority access to gaming assets, access to the Joystick private community, educational materials, and limited edition merchandise.           

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Management Team:                                              
Michael Le, Co-Founder
Robin DeFay, Co-Founder and CEO
Paul Jin, CTO, Lead Dev

Jeff Zirlin, AxieLima, Trey Smith, Neil Patel, Matt Morgan, Dan Fleyshman,
Stefan Georgi, Ketrina “Taz” Askew, Brandon Frick, Bradley Townsend, and Zak Folkman.

About Joystick:                                                     
Joystick is a next-generation gaming ecosystem that empowers users to become business owners, professional eSports gamers, or content creators in the evolving Web3 world. Joystick combines tech, gamefi, education, communities and NFT assets to deliver maximum yield across the Metaverse. By leasing assets for a fixed fee, Joystick is revolutionizing the play-to-earn model and putting revenue earned directly into players’ pockets.

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