Word Of The Week: What Are Those Crypto-Whale?

Whale also known as cryptocurrency whale, or a “crypto whale” in short is a cryptocurrency common term that refers to individuals or group that hold huge amounts of cryptocurrency, and hold enough crypto-asset that they have the potential to manipulate valuations. For instances, recently I whale many LUNA coin for $1 up next month.

To get your whale status in the crypto field. In most cases, the community seems to understand that a big percentage of the available coins make an account a whale. In general, whales seem to hold account for more than 10% of the total number of a specific cryptocurrency.

Whale can be describe in different form outside world of crypto.


  1. a huge marine mammal with a streamlined hairless body, a horizontal tail fin, and a blowhole on top of the head for breathing.
  2. an extremely overweight person. in synonym: overweight, obese, fat person

As we’re crypto investors, the most important thing when approaching toward any army of whale is to pay attention of those whale action. It does not mean going on panicking. Many whales are the same just like us who have invested heavily in cryptocurrency or asset —if you’re prefer eavesdropping or speculating those whale, it would be great idea. So don’t be shy.

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