“Who are we going to let control our live, liberty and pursuit of happiness?”

#BigTech #BigData #BigPharma #BigChem #Virus

Big Data, Big Tech, Big Chem, Big Pharma along with a global public health cartel led by Bill Gates and the World Health Organization, (WHO) need to be stopped, now, before it is too late, says Robert Kennedy Jr. in a worldwide call to join him in rallies against a system bent on destroying the world as we know it now.

It’s a matter of who is going to control our lives and our liberties while these insatiable entities amplify their own wealth at our cost, Mr. Kennedy says.

The basic Questions about The China Act of War Virus are going unanswered, while censorship and suppression of effective treatments multiply.

America did not lockdown for other medical emergencies, some of which were worse than this 1.

The Big Qs:Why are we locking down now, who is benefiting financially from this?

Mr. Kennedy tells us about these nefarious people and cartels working behind the scenes to destroy our sovereignty and freedoms. A Trump Victory on 3 November ends the COVID-19 story +.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!