When the World Opens Up Take a Ride on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, Europe

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The true luxury of a world-class train lies in enjoying the ride at a leisurely pace” — Paul Ebeling

The art deco icon from the 1920’s has been immortalized in the pages of Agatha Christie, the films of Hitchcock and, most recently, Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s hypnotizing short film commissioned by Chanel, Train de Nuit.

Today’s voyages, ranging from 1 to 4 nights run between the ports of Paris, Venice, Verona, and London.

The train features the sumptuous, onyx-lacquer dining carriage, L’Oriental, The bar car, built in France in Y 1931, has been reappointed with elegant art nouveau details and inspires both fine evening dress and perhaps 2 well-applied drops of French perfume.

Take in the passing scenery over leisurely multicourse meals, and sip classic cocktails in the bar cart where a resident pianist entertains guests.

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