What I Eat in a Day

I believe ‘What we eat in a day’ pictures/ vlog/ post are soo popular because we are curious human beings and we want to know and learn and take a page out of other people’s health and wellness journey.

And I’m excited to share my journey. However, what I eat everyday changes but there are a few staples that stays in my nutrition plan that whether I’m competing for a show, or stressed out or the time of the month.
Protein & veggies are non-negotiable.

Pre-workout meal/ Breakfast:
Protein Pancake (Recipe in my IGTV)
120 grams of protein Greek yoghurt + 30 grams Granola

Post-workout meal/ Lunch:
150 grams Lean Chicken Breast (Recipe in my IGTV)
Salad: Lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños, onions,

Protein Bar

Homemade Spring Rolls
120 grams of Tilapia
Asian veggies + 100 grams white rice

Comment below and tell me how you like it, any questions or any other videos/ post I should make! 🥰