Western Australia ‘Message in a Bottle’ Found 35 yrs Later

Paul Gilmore was 13 anni when he wrote a letter, placed it in a bottle then threw it into the ocean.

The note was short, simple, back then he was looking for a pen pal. Then 50 years later the pen pal came along.

Jyah Elliott, 9 anni, was wandering along South Australia’s Talia Beach last Tuesday when he came across the message in a bottle. And promptly responded by mail, Australia’s ABC News reported.

“He was so excited,” his mother, Carla Elliott, told reporters, as it turns out that Mr. Gilmore is currently on a cruise in the Baltic and is in for a Big Surprise upon his return.

“It’s amazing, absolutely incredible,” his sister Annie Crossland said.

His younger brother, David Gilmore, said he could recognize Paul’s handwriting in the letter.

“It’s really strange. I am looking at the message now and yeah, I can see it’s my brother’s writing, he was obviously a bit younger then,” he said.

Paul wrote the letter on 17 November 1969, and set it loose into the ocean while he and his family were traveling from England to their new home in Australia. He included his future address, writing “We are 1,000 miles east of Fremantle, Western Australia … please reply.”

Jyah has sent his reply in a letter that will arrive at his newfound pen pal’s Mitcham address. Paul’s family has assured the 9 year-old that he will be receiving a reply soon.

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