WEMADE x Metagravity: Alliance to create a Blockchain Games for the Metaverse

WEMADE, a pioneering Korean blockchain gaming company, established a strategic cooperation today by signing an MOU with Metagravity, a London-based Metaverse engine developer. According to the press release by Wemade Co., Ltd, the collaboration will aid in supporting with WEMADE CEO Jang Hyun-guk’s aim of creating an experience that people can enjoy by playing a well-designed game and a broad platform that can link everything. As a result of the partnership, the project established by WEMADE and Metagravity is known as WEMIX3.0.


WEMIX3.0 is a high-performance EVM-compatible open source protocol driven by the SPoA (Stake-based Proof of Authority) consensus algorithm and safeguarded by 40 decentralized authority nodes run by highly qualified worldwide partners, as well as an on-chain community DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

It is intended to be a powerful and effective public blockchain platform-driven and service-oriented home for creative projects and apps produced by the community for the globe. WEMIX3.0 answers the ‘Blockchain Trilemma’ by implementing a variable total gas charge formula based on the EIP-1559, 40 WONDERS (WEMIX On-chain Network of Decentralized Ecosystem Regulators), also known as node council partners, and 4,000 TPS throughput with a 1 second block interval.


Wemade is a Korean game development pioneer. Their emphasis is constantly evolving toward metaverse and blockchain (NFT, DeFi) technologies, with a focus on customizing the game experience. Wemade aims to use blockchain technology to change common games and develop its WEMIX token as a vital currency in the gaming industry. Visit www.wemade.com and https://www.wemix.com/en/wemix for additional information.

About Metagravity

MetaGravity, based in London, was founded in 2021 as a deep-tech business that is pushing the frontiers of blockchain and the Metaverse. They’re on a mission to construct the technical foundation for the Metaverse by harnessing their vast understanding in massive-scale computing and engine technologies. For further information, go to https://www.metagravity.com/

SOURCE Wemade Co., Ltd

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