Wellness: Actions, Habits, Nature

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Thoughts of being as healthy as possible should be translated into actions and habits” –Paul Ebeling

Here I look at on some things people can do to live better/happier, which goes from sustainable foods and employing wellness tools to prioritizing mental health elements at the forefront of the topic of 1’s health.

Below are the health and wellness trends that are expected see more focus in Y 2022, as follows:

  • Digital Healthcare: Now we can have virtual sessions with health professionals, from specialists and therapists to nutritionists and personal trainers. Having done well so far, this system is sure to continue this yr and even for the next decade till something even better comes up.
  • Prioritizing Mental Health: Whether it is practicing relaxing strategies, mindfulness or keeping mood journals, self-care is a growing trend, especially online and for both Millennials and Generation Z. Some health experts predict that people will be tracking their mental health more closely as it remains a priority this yr.
  • Wellness Tools: Lifestyle and beauty industries are a Key part of the health conversation. Brands are coming up with innovative, portable tools that improve 1s well-being wherever they are and for countless functions: massage guns, personal EKG scanners, self-purifying water bottles and red light therapy devices
  • Real Food for Gut and Mind: Google searches for gut health went up by 83% and increased by 60% for gut brain axis. It is expected that more people will focus on gut health starting in Y 2022. We want a balanced gastrointestinal tract with good and bad bacteria. That will ensure smooth digestion without discomfort, a healthier heart and brain, and aid in fighting off harmful bacteria and pathogens.
  • Regenerative Travel: This is about giving back to the system we benefit from. It has gained awareness as eco-friendly practices and environmental responsibility become more of a priority to travelers and local communities. Top spas, resorts and hotel destinations are highlighting connections with nature. The result is also a catalyst that generates social, economic and environmental wealth.

Have a healthy, happy, prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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