Watching a Shredded Presidency Go Up in Flames

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The stalling of the Marxist socialist progressive Build Back Better Act in the Senate is not only a signal that Mr. Biden’s agenda is dead but we that his shredded presidency go up in flames“– Paul Ebeling

The really good news is that the bill is dead for now,” Larry Kudlow said Sunday, “They will try will pick it up again in February.”

“But, the longer the bill is stalled, the likelier it is to be killed, it is in a lot of trouble.”

Mr. Kudlow praised the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office which delivered a new CBO score on the bill.

The CBO score card was $5 trillion in spending and $3 trillion in debt,” Kudlow continued. “The huge [inflation] numbers this week really killed the bill. And [West Virginia moderate Democrat Sen. Joe] Manchin is hanging very, very tough. He’s not giving in.

“He does believe more spending is inflationary. He’s actually right about that. He doesn’t want an entitlement state. He does want workfare. He doesn’t want amnesty [for illegal immigrants]. He’s not going to fiddle with the filibuster rules.”

Mr. Kudlow noted the sinking of Build Back Better will force Biden to have to rethink his whole presidency.

“Right now, the Biden agenda is dead. Everything he does turns to stone. He is an extremely unpopular politician right now.”

Mr. Biden is too “stubborn” to change.

“He’s not like Bill Clinton 25 years ago [when] Clinton got whooped in the midterms, and he shifted to the right, and the error of big government was over. And he passed welfare reform. And he cut the capital gains tax.

“Biden is stubborn. He’s totally committed to the progressive left. He’s anti-business. He’s anti-success. We are watching his presidency crumble right now.”

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