Vitamin Market to 2X by 2027

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Vitamins are micronutrients essential for the development, repair & metabolism of the human body.

They must be available in a sufficient amount in the human diet as the human body cannot produce them.

Thus, its requirement provides ample scope for the development of vitamin supplying products market.

Such products are mainly used in sports nutrition, food & beverage, nutraceuticals, and personal care industries.

The growing nutritional imbalance among consumers as a result of the intake of junk food and alcoholic beverages, as well as an unhealthy lifestyle, is expected to surge the demand for vitamin products worldwide in the coming years.

By Y 2027 the world vitamin market will be valued at $9.5-B, nearly 2X what it was at $5.18-B in Y 2019, as consumers seek to supplement their diets with needed nutrients.

Popular vitamins that make for great returns dollar-wise include vitamin A, which has shown positive effects for ophthalmologic conditions, and vitamin D, which addresses numerous health issues.

In market shares, China holds the reins and, interestingly, a growing segment of the vitamin market there is going to livestock feed.

A wide range of suppliers are reaping the profits, from Pfizer to BASF to Nestle, Watson and Amway, and many more.

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