Virtual Coin $VCON Returns with Mayweather Vs Gotti

Virtual Coin $VCON makes a triumphant return as Floyd Mayweather Jr., the undefeated former five-division world champion, will face John Gotti III, the grandson of the infamous New York mobster, in an exhibition boxing match on June 11 at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida.

The fight will be hosted by Virtual Cons (VCON), a leading provider of virtual events, and by KXCO, a local television station. The event will be streamed live on VCON’s website and on KXCO’s website and social media channels.

Mayweather, 46, is a five-time world champion who retired from professional boxing in 2017 with a perfect 50-0 record. He has since fought in several exhibition matches, including a win over Logan Paul in 2021.

Gotti, 29, is a mixed martial artist and boxer who has a 2-0 record in professional boxing. He is the grandson of John Gotti, the former head of the Gambino crime family.

The fight will be an eight-round exhibition bout. Mayweather will be the heavy favorite, but Gotti is hoping to pull off an upset and make a name for himself.

Tickets for the event are on sale now. For more information, please visit VCON’s website.

VirtualCons Coin (VCON) is a decentralized asset backed coin built on the Binance smart chain. Official currency holders of our coin gives customers access to our events, music, movies, pay per view events and merchandise which can be purchased with VCON.  All holders of the coin get preferential seating, perks, VIP access to exclusive content and events and more. The future is now!

Virtual Coin $VCON smart contract provides same integrity and transparency guarantees found in shared ledgers. The smart contract ensures uniqueness of mutually exclusive events and maintains the state of the ledger data. It also serves as assured notification mechanism. Any state change of data or contracts must be notified and must have the assurance that it will be made aware that the state changed has occurred.
  • Our cutting-edge conventions provide a fan experience like no other and are set to become a major revenue source in the future, not just from the big events, but also from merchandise sales and smaller more exclusive events but they are about to set in motion a brand new relationship between the fans and the creators.
  • As the world becomes increasingly interactive (Metaverse) and blockchain recreates business models VirtualCons is set to become a leader in the future of entertainment both online and offline.
  • VCON is your ticket to participate in that future.
  • Events, Movies, Fights and Merchandise are just part of what you can buy with your VCON
  • You also join the Crew
  • Private events and after-parties, special status in the ecosystem and profits will go to buyback coins establishing long-term growth.

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About Virtual Cons

Virtual Cons (VCON) is a leading provider of virtual events. VCON offers a variety of virtual event solutions, including virtual trade shows, conferences, and training sessions. VCON’s events are designed to help businesses connect with their customers, partners, and employees in a cost-effective and efficient way.

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