Vintage F1 Ferrari Tipo 500

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The Lore: Anything his former employers at Alfa Romeo could do, Enzo Ferrari reckoned he could do better. While the Alfetta had won every race it entered in Ys 1950 and 1951, for Y 1952 Ferrari would do the same if it had not entered the Indy 500. The Tipo 500 became the 1st serious attempt from Italy to win the 500, but it failed.

Thankfully, it was such a dominant car in Formula 1 that it did not matter, and Alberto Ascari won every F1 race he entered, missing the opening round as he made his way to the 500, and Piero Taruffi won the other.

The following season the 500 won all but 2 races. The irony, the Tipo 500 was actually a Formula 2 car. With no F1 cars left after Alfa Romeo withdrew at the end of Y 1951, the championship switched to Formula 2 regulations. Ferrari’s F2 car was the only 1 ready for the new season, and it dominated.


Scuderia Ferrari, Ferrari’s racing team, was formed in Y 1939 but was unable to race it’s cars until after WWII had ended, Ferrari’s 1st F1 car, the Ferrari 125S F1, was not raced until Y 1948.

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