Vigilantism: American Communities Rise to Combat Domestic Terrorism

Some of American communities have decided to form vigilante groups in order to ward off any domestic terrorists.

There was once in America when each major city had Vigilante Police. Our cities would not have the current horrible homeless filth and wild gang activity if the society gotten progressivly soft, were not so uptight and so that we no longer have a class of police vigilantes.

The Big Q: How was rampant violence in America kept under control before the demise of the American hereditary elite in the early 1960’s?  

The Big A: Blacks did not makeup the vast majority of all crime before that, largely because the KKK operated in most of America until the mid-1950’s.  The KKK and its offshoots were effective against Black crime.

Further, it is a fact that everywhere in America had an invisible police vigilante squad.

Vigilante police identified the ‘very bad guys’ in the community and disabled them.  They planted evidence and created charges with long prison terms.  They did what was necessary, and occasionally shot and killed the bad guys, to keep them off the streets.  

The District Attorneys and everyone else, on a need to know basis, maintained the small group of vigilantes.  The bad guys knew what they faced.

The whole system of police vigilantes disappeared a decade after the hereditary elite, aka meritocracy disappeared, and thus began the Marxist socialist destruction of America’s middle class.

About 20 yrs ago a group of police in Oakland, California known as the ‘Riders,’ were tried. In Los Angeles the group was known as the Ramparts Division.  They were broken up a little earlier than the ‘Riders’ and some civil suits followed.

The Miami police department created a unit in the 1980’s to help fight the crack cocaine/gang problem. They were extremely effective but had disappeared by the 90’s.

Throughout the rest of the world, hereditary elites still run the world for almost everyone outside the US. In most of the world there is no denial of vigilantism. It is reality, Mexico recently has legalized it.

As I analyze the pattern, the setup is for a Key reversal, and a snap back to the line. The Floyd matter the trigger for this domestic insurrection could also be the trigger for the return of vigilantism to America.

Hang on it is back, as today Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the city will not tolerate vigilantism after groups of mostly White men patrolled the streets of the Bridgeport neighborhood Wednesday night in response to a nearby city protest.

Asked about the situation in Bridgeport, a diversifying neighborhood that served as an Irish American power base for The Daley Machine, Ms.Lightfoot said, “It is absolutely not appropriate for people to take up arms, bats, pipes, whatever in patrolling neighborhoods.” She added,  “I absolutely support neighbors being vigilant as to what’s going on on the streets and in their blocks but taking up arms, that leads to chaos and we’re not supporting vigilantism in the city of Chicago under any circumstances.”

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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