Vegetable Oils Increases Your Risk of COVID

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“Vegetable oils, aka seed oils, are likely the most important metabolic toxin in your eating plan. They are the unifying mechanism behind westernized chronic diseases like heart disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes”— Paul Ebeling

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity were virtually unknown in the 19th Century but have skyrocketed today; the introduction of processed foods with sugar, refined flour, trans fats and, primarily, industrially processed seed oils, are the reason.

Seed oils, also misleadingly known as “vegetable oils,” are industrially processed, proinflammatory and driving oxidation in your body that drives chronic disease and obesity

While ancestral populations have had their health protected by not consuming seed oils, other populations, like Japan and ancient Egypt, have had declines in health that correspond to increasing consumption of these toxic oils

If you were to make 1 change today to lower your risk of chronic diseases, eliminating virtually all seed oils from your eating plan would be the Top choice

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