USAG Barr Defends Aggressive Response to Protests

USAG Barr vigorously defended the aggressive law enforcement response he has spearheaded in response to demonstrations, including police’s move Monday to use horses and tear gas to push back unruley protesters at Lafayette Square, just outside the White House. 

In his most extensive comments to date on the violent civil unrest gripping the country, Attorney General William P. Barr defended law enforcement’s aggressive, military response to protests while acknowledging the “long-standing” concerns with police that were exposed by the recent death of a Black man in Minnesota while resisting arrest.

Speaking from Justice Department HQ’s and backed by the leaders of all of the agency’s law enforcement components, AG Barr struck a somber tone.

He stressed the “horror” of watching the video that captured a Minneapolis police officer pressing his knee into the neck of George Floyd whose death triggered the violent protests gripping the nation and noted it “exposes concerns that reach far beyond this particular case.”

It is undeniable that many African Americans lack confidence in our American criminal justice system,” AG Barr said. “This must change.”

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