US Meat Prices are Rising, Here is Why

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“Mr. Biden & Company is making headlines by accusing the meat industry of collusion because it has little understanding of what is causing prices to rise“– Paul Ebeling

“During the Trump administration, I was the Defense Production Act policy coordinator, and then we had instances of price gouging, which we cracked down on immediately,” *Peter Navarro said Thursday. “This is not that. As hard, as tough as I might be on a Big Agriculture, Big Agribusiness, they are not the villains in this piece.” *Peter Navarro is the former economic adviser to President Trump (45).

Rather, he said, complex economic forces are bearing down on the country at the supply-and-demand level.

The 1st is the “labor situation,” he said, On Top of that, the food production industry has been hit hard by the VirusCasedemic. In addition, feed prices have risen dramatically.

Further, the Chinese have also been buying into the US meat industry in hopes of controlling the American food supply, he said.

Brian Deese, Director of the National Economic Council, questioned the increase in meat prices from the White House lectern.

He is the highest-ranking economic official besides the Treasury secretary not fundamentally understanding the underlying market forces that are creating this problem,” Mr. Navarro said.

“If he cannot understand those forces, he cannot address them.

Here is the latest Biden Folly explained.

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