US Legal Marijuana Growers at a ‘Standstill’


Ok, so America’s legal marijuana growers have the reputation of producing the best product in the world, but federal laws rightfully keep it out of global markets

While marijuana is legal in many states, the drug remains illegal at the federal level. As a result, growers are prevented from shipping their products to other counties and even other states where it is legal.

The restrictions have left the legal marijuana growers frustrated and at a standstill. Without the federal laws, the legal marijuana crop would be in high demand internally perhaps the centerpiece of a new Us industry, but not likely anytime soon.

Legal marijuana growers in the US have the reputation of producing the best products scientifically grown and regulated for quality and safety, and there are warehouses full of it.

The world wants that technology,” said CEO of Solaris Farms, the largest cannabis hybrid greenhouse in Nevada. “The US is the one that turned the industry into what it is today, with all the products we make, not Canada.”

Still, Canada has emerged as the dominant exporter in the marijuana trade.

Canada has a huge advantage because they can fill a gap,” said the Vice President for cannabis seed supplier DNA Genetics.

And the President of 4Front Ventures (OTCMKT:FFNTF) which grows and sells marijuana in 9 states, said: “There’s more than enough time for American companies to catch up. But the longer that we wait, the longer we continue to maintain this unsustainable prohibition, the more difficult it’s going to be for American companies to catch up.”

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