US Gun Sales ‘Through the Roof’ During C-19 Chaos

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Gun sales in America have spiked in the wake of the coronavirus chaos. Thousands of people, including women and 1st-time gun buyers, have literally cleared the shelves of certain types of firearms and most ammo.

With the exception of law enforcement and military, anyone who plans to purchase a firearm can expect to pay more than usual for many popular guns and nearly all ammunition.

Thanks to an existing deal with gun manufacturer Glock, police, military and first responders are still able to get a Glock pistol at a discount under the Blue Label program. Civilians should be prepared to pay full price-plus.

The Big Q: Why did the COVID-19 chaos drive gun sales to all-time highs?

At 1st, it seems strange that gun sales would rise during a viral attack. Why would anyone need a gun to fight off a virus?

The medical chaos is not the Key reason for the high demand, although the uncertainty has certainly contributed to many of those sales. The Key reason Americans are buying out gun shops quickly is because of the violent looting and rioting that has been happening in the major cities across the country.

Existing gun owners see these incidents unfold on the news and stock up on a more ammo. People who do not own a firearm see these incidents and many decide to buy a gun for protection.

Having a firearm for self-defense removes a feeling of helplessness should anyone threaten your life or property. In most cases, the presence of a gun will deter someone from committing a crime if they are unarmed, outgunned, or they did not plan on encountering another person while committing their crime.

When encountering a criminal who is not afraid to get violent, a firearm is the fastest way to stop them cold.

As far as the violent protestors go, most are unarmed and are more interested in looting and destroying property than violently attacking people. However, that’s not the case across the board.

Still, some people have been able to fend off potential looters just by brandishing a firearm.

It has always been a constitutional right under the Second Amendment for Americans to own firearms. Most states allow open carry and in many states it is easy to get a concealed carry permit. However, 1 of the stipulations for being granted a concealed carry permit is that you cannot cover your face while carrying your weapon.

Now that many states have implemented mandatory mask laws, people have been wondering if they are allowed to conceal carry while wearing a mask. The answer varies by state, but for the most part, it is not true.

 State CCW rules prohibit someone from carrying while wearing a face covering to conceal their identity or wearing a face covering while committing a crime. If a person is not committing a crime, they can wear a mask and conceal carry at the same time.

People buy firearms for varying reasons, gun sales rise nationwide when people feel a need to protect themselves. The current uncertain state of the of rioting, violence and murder in many US cities is causing many people to realize that pressing need.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!