US Crude Futures Below $15 bbl, Lowest Since 1999


US Crude Oil April futures fell to 14.67 bbl Sunday

US Crude Oil futures were last that low in Y 1999.

Caution gripped Asian share markets Monday on expectations a busy week of corporate earnings reports and economic data will drive home the damage done by the global coronavirus lockdown, while a glut of supply sent US crude diving to 20-yr lows.

FutureExpireLastChangeChange %
NYMEX Crude OilCLc1Apr 21$14.67-3.60-19.70%1:51 PM +07
ICE Brent CrudeLCOc1Apr 30$27.27-0.81-2.88%1:48 PM +07
Dubai Crude SpotDUB-1M$31.12-0.86-2.69%4:00 AM +07
NYMEX RBOB GasolineRBc1Apr 30$0.72+0.01+0.91%1:36 PM +07
TOCOM Crude OilJCOc1Apr 30$14,980.00-350.00-2.28%12:50 PM +07
MCX Crude OilMCGBc1Apr 20$1,133.00-303.00-21.10%1:44 PM +07
ICE Gas OilLGOc1May 12$272.00-3.50-1.27%1:40 PM +07
TOCOM GasolineJGLc1Apr 24$26,400.00-750.00-2.76%12:59 PM +07
NYMEX No2 Heating OilHOc1Apr 30$0.94-0.02-1.61%1:45 PM +07
NYMEX Nat GasNGc1Apr 28$1.75-0.00-0.11%1:49 PM +07
ICE NBP Nat GasNGLNMc1Apr 29$14.60-0.76-4.95%1:50 PM +07
TOCOM KeroseneJKEc1Apr 24$29,980.00-1,510.00-4.80%1:15 PM +07

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!

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