Understanding Bull and Bear Market In Bite-Sized

Imagine When dealing with Cat and Dog don’t live each other, you will agree the differences of what trait suit better. In the world of investment, especially cryptocurrency. You may have ever heard “The Bull” and “The Bear” Market before. Here the explanation.

“bull market” is when prices are gradually increasing over an long period of time.

The meaning is “Bull” has an strong horn that pushed someone or something fly off the chart, an animal that kept on dancing and goes rampant. Much like when anything Elon Mush mentioned any token on his speech, that one will rises. Which is not an good idea for people who don’t put on those pegs sooner than later which led to something call “The Bear”

“bear market” on the hand, is an complete opposites

The bear mostly “Eat and Sleep” with their success after early investments paid-off, leaving the price gradually fall for extended period, This allow newcomer to expand the investments for their portfolio at possibly lower prices. Refer as “Eat first then goes on hibernation” much like typical bear living”

For phycological term, the Bull side will increasing an “Greed” level on risk factor and long-term status, and Bear went on fear index to the investors but good for newcomer.

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