UN Wants UK Open to Terror Attacks

UN Wants UK Open to Terror Attacks

A UN Report has suggested UK’s surveillance and suspicion of potential threats.

The report, written by Maina Kiai wants the Uk to back-off the terrorists, the not-so-bright Kiai who was the UN’s Special Rapporteur on freedom of peaceful assembly until last month, slammed the government’s ‘Prevent’ strategy, which aims to safeguard vulnerable individuals who are at risk of radicalization.

The strategy relies on intelligence coming from community leaders and schools.

“Overall, it appears that Prevent is having the opposite of its intended effect: by dividing, stigmatizing and alienating segments of the population. Prevent could end up promoting extremism, rather than countering it,” the UN report says.

The report also criticized Britain’s Investigatory Powers Act, introduced last year, as “intrusive … bound to have a detrimental impact on the legitimate activities carried out by civil society and political activists.”

“The specter of ‘Big Brother’ is so large, in fact, that some families are reportedly afraid of even discussing the negative effects of terrorism in their own homes, fearing that their children would talk about it at school and have their intentions misconstrued.”

The UN also does not like the UK prosecuting Sharia Law and other Muslim protesters saying the “alarming” shift towards criminalization of peaceful protest and free expression in the UK. It says British society is a “national treasure” at risk from police tactics, anti-terrorism legislation and curbs on charities and trade unions. This is a common cultural marxist move, free speech for some is hate speech and for others is ok.

What should happen is the suspicion should stop, just arrest the 23000 known Jihadists in the UK and deport or imprison them.

Around 23,000 jihadist extremists currently living in the UK have been identified by intelligence services as potential terrorists, the Times reports, citing government officials. About 3,000 of those are under investigation as possible threats.

“The huge scale” of the terrorist threat in Britain has been revealed in the wake of the Manchester bombing, the Timesreported on Saturday, saying the number was disclosed by unnamed Whitehall sources.

The MI5 can only investigate about 3,000 individuals at one time, the newspaper said, explaining that the list of “live” suspects is constantly updated. When those who are believed to pose a greater risk are added to the list, the investigations and active monitoring of others are closed, and they are then moved to a “former subjects of interest” group. This pool of potential attackers, categorized as posing a “residual risk,” has grown to include 20,000 people since 2001, the report said.

The man behind the recent terrorist attack in Manchester, suicide bomber Salman Abedi, who murdered 22 people and injured over a hundred at a pop concert, had been among the 20,000 who are considered “former subjects of interest,” the Times reported.

It is time to stop accepting terrorism.

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