UK PM Johnson is Not Happy with Mr. Biden’s Stance on Trade

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Saturday, British PM Johnson has made clear to Mr. Biden that he is keen to make a post-BREXIT trade deal with the US that was assured under President Trump/

A new trade agreement between the long standing allies is a high priority for PM Johnson than it is for Mr. Biden now that the US has gained control over its national trade policy.

WH said Friday that the administration had no frame for forging a new trade deal as Mr. Biden’s attention is largely focused on pressing Congress to pass his $1.9-T virus aid/relief/stimulus plan.

Janet Yellen, the Treasury secretary nominee, also signaled during her confirmation hearing earlier this week that Mr. Biden is not eager to negotiate new trade deals.

Saying that, “President Biden has been clear that he will not sign any new free trade agreements before the US makes major investments in American workers and our infrastructure.”

Late Saturday we learned that Messrs Biden and Johnson discussed the benefits of a potential free trade deal between the 2 countries and that Mr. Johnson strengthened the need to resolve existing trade issues as soon as possible.

The White House passed over the Key trade issue saying that the 2 allied leaders spoke about combating climate change, containing COVID-19, and ensuring global health security as well as shared foreign policy priorities in China, Iran and Russia.

The WH statement made no mention of discussion vital trade matters. PM Johnson is not at all happy with Mr. Biden’s stance on the issue.

No new trade deal with Great Britain would be a major political blunder for it was part of the justification and support coming from the United States at the time. Our President, who claims experienced by his 47-years in Washington, should understand that Britain and most of its Commonwealth Members have always been a major supporter and ally of the United States for years.

“Defying them what was promised would seriously erode our creditability in the International Theater. Oh, how memories are so short for this was one of the cornerstone themes of the new Administration during the pre-election period. Remember, it was constantly stated to be  our “declining, rough, neophyte Presidential image in the World. Need I say more!” says LTN political commentator Bruce WD Barren.

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