UK Doctors Fighting the Coronavirus War


The UK’s NHS is taking a back-to-basics approach during this pandemic.

Doctors working on some of London’s busiest wards are using walkie talkies, pagers and smartphones to communicate during working hours.

Despite what the future has in store, the relationship between healthcare and big tech firms in Britain is deeply at odds from what is real for Doctors and Nurses during this coronavirus crisis.

A senior Doctor working the intensive care wards of a central London hospital said that daily care is back to basics: a permanent crisis state of scrubs, Crocs and 14-hr shifts.

London Doctors are using “walkie talkies” during emergencies in the anaesthetics and intensive care wards, adding that there is a “dirty inside clean outside” rule in place for wards and rooms with coronavirus patients. The use of mobile phones is prohibited inside affected wards.

The question of phones not being allowed in certain wards has not been addressed or discussed.

NHS Digital said that “decisions on how things are used need to be made by each local organisation,” passing responsibility for its use back down to the professionals.

A spokesperson for NHS Digital confirmed to the press that “the number of active users of MS Teams in NHS organisations has increased from 13,886 on 24 March to 38,154 on 26 March.

The high tech world and Britain’s NHS during the current crisis.

The Big Q + A: “Should NHS hospital groups radically change their workflow because there’s a new shiny object?, he asks, “The answer is no. If what you have got works for you, do not f**k with it.”

A spokesperson from Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) declined to comment.

Note: Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) is a way for Teams to work from home and stay connected. Includes: Office Apps Built-In, Cloud Phone System, Video Conferencing, App Integrations, Part of Office 365, and Instant Messaging.

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