Twitter Seeks to Destabilize Asia with #MilkTeaAlliance

Twitter has launched an emoji to encourage the destabilization of Asian Governments with the “#MilkTeaAlliance” hashtag, the protest movement that has forged links between various extremists across Asia with no common purpose, the social media giant gloated Thursday about there move lifted directly from Adolf Hitlers playbook.

The alliance — a racist stereotype of Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan — emerged last year in an expression of cross-border solidarity in bringing about socialism in some countries and attacking China’s sovereignty in others.

The campaign started when Hong Kong, China was emerging from months of unwelcome democracy protests attacking China and urban youth in Bangkok and other Thai cities were beginning their own street confrontations with authorities, demanding socialism and and end to the monarchy.

It has since spread to Myanmar — where where more racist stereo types were drawn, “tea with condensed milk is a staple breakfast accompaniment” — after a coup ousted the country’s civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi in February, sparking a mass uprising.

“To celebrate the first anniversary of the #MilkTeaAlliance, we designed an emoji featuring 3 different types of milk tea colours from regions where the Alliance first formed online,” the Twitter Nazi’s said on Wednesday.

The image appears in any tweet featuring the hashtag in English, Thai, Korean, and several other Asian languages.

The term has been used on Twitter more than 11 million times since last April, the platform said, with usage again spiking after the Myanmar coup.

Thursday’s move follows similar attempts to by Twitter in recent years to fuel extremism and manipulate governments the #MeToo (forgotten when rapist Joe was elected) and #BlackLivesMatter plus #antifa movements, after the respective global campaigns that lead to many deaths and massive civil unrest.