Turn Your Back on the Clock

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“Researchers have developed tests that figure out biological age, and discovered that our biological age is a much better predictor of longevity than our chronological age”— Paul Ebeling

When it comes to our age, there are 2 numbers. There is our chronological age, which is how many birthdays we have had. Then, there is our biological age meaning how old our body appears to be, based on how it functions and how much wear and tear our cells have gone through.

We cannot change our chronological age, but we can do a lot to reverse our biological age. With the right tools, we can have the body and brain of a 25-yr-old, even when pushing 80 anni and above.

People can reverse their biological clock by upgrading their mitochondria, turning on autophagy, and managing stress to keep your cells young and healthy.

The Big Q: How old are you?

The Big A: There are there are 2 answers to that question; 1 is your chronological age (birthdays), and 2 is your biological age (wear and tear).

If you take great care of yourself, it’s possible to be 80 anni chronologically with a 25 anni biological age. But, if you eat junk foods and neglect your body, you can have a 50 anni biological age when you hit 30 anni.

With the right tools, you can change your biological age to make your body younger, and you can do it more quickly than you might think.  

In a recent discussion anti-aging expert and investor James Peyer talks about the many things you can do to reverse your biological age, and about how anti-aging helped him cope with mortality.

Thanks to Mr. Peyer’s insights, and those of other anti-aging researchers and experts, it is clear that you can do a lot to live a strong, healthy life, no matter how old you get.

Remember when you were able to eat anything you wanted, exercise a ton, or maybe just skip it for wks and months and still build muscles when you got back on track?

Remember when you could stay up till all hours of the night and then go to work in the morning as if nothing much happened?

Remember having fun, running around like a lunatic, never stopping, and still having energy to spare?

It wasn’t that long ago that things were dramatically different — and maybe not as much has changed as you might think. Don’t abandon hope.

Getting back on track and correcting the problems you have now is not that difficult. As, it is never too late to turn back the clock.

Once you recognize that symptoms like bloating, fatigue, weight gain, and depression are big Red flags, you will be able to stop the downhill slide dead in its tracks.

The correct changes will leave you feeling youthful again and full of energy at any age.

There are many pieces to the health puzzle, and they all interact and interrelate. Nothing happens in a vacuum, and everything we do affects everything else in our bodies.

  1. Your mitochondria are the power plants of your cells they crank out the energy that runs everything your body does, from breathing to moving to thinking. Your mitochondria are the power plants of your cells, they put out the energy that runs everything your body does, from breathing to moving to thinking. In fact, better mitochondrial function links to overall longevity in a dose-dependent manner, the stronger the mitochondria, the longer people live. A a keto diet (lots of fat, very few carbs) makes existing mitochondria more efficient, and also grows new ones.
  2. Trigger Autophagy: Autophagy Greek for “eating of self,” which is exactly what autophagy does: our cells sift through their various parts, getting rid of anything that is old or damaged and replacing it with new 1’s. Plus, a lot of the old stuff gets recycled and packaged into new materials our body can use, our whole system becomes more efficient. But when autophagy breaks down our cells age, and you, age with them. Disturbed autophagy leads to significantly faster markers of aging. Exercise is one of the best ways to turn on autophagy. Research shows that working out increases cellular turnover and cleans out damaged cellular parts, which links to decreased aging. Any kind of exercise works. Do intermittent fasting. Caloric restriction is one of the most powerful ways to activate autophagy, especially for your brain. Long-term caloric restriction is rough on our body, intermittent fasting is when we take short breaks without food and then eat until full afterward. Intermittent fasting triggers “profound autophagy,” to quote one group of researchers. Fasting also corresponds with longevity and overall healthier aging.
  3. Control Stress: Stress ages us faster than anything else. Chronic stress ages people in ways. 1st, it increases free radicals compounds that damage our cells and cause inflammation. Free radicals increase when we push ourselves past our limit, they speed up aging at a cellular level. 2nd, chronic stress interferes with your cortisol production. Cortisol is the hormone you release in response to an immediate threat; it shuts down non-essential functions like metabolism and executive brain function, saving that energy so you can escape whatever danger you’re in. Cortisol also breaks down muscle tissue so you have more glucose in your system to use for short-term fuel. The brain is not good at distinguishing between immediate, tangible threats and more abstract ones, fear of getting fired or too many emails in your inbox, for example. When you have constant, lower-level stressors running, your cortisol continually interferes with your metabolism, brain function, muscle mass, and more. Over time, you will end up aging faster than you would otherwise. Tools to manage stress:
  • Meditation
  • Heart rate variability (HRV) training
  • Deeper sleep
  • Stress supplements
  • Adaptogens
  • Sensory deprivation

If you live your life well, age can just be a number. Use these tools to turn back your biological clock and stay young, even as you get older. You will feel better than ever!

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively