Tune Out the Fake News C-19 Coronavirus Fear Mongering, the Death Rates are Not Going Up

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Dr. Scott Atlas, the former Chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center, explained why the spike of coronavirus cases across the Sun Belt does not tell the full story.

According to Dr. Atlas, “Americans should be cautious of the media’s reporting on the apparent C-19 spike because it does not matter how many cases there are what is important is who gets the cases.”

That is because, as Dr. Atlas explained, the C-19 mortality rate is just .04% for people under age 70, which is equal to or lower than the seasonal flu and the case spike is being driven by younger people contracting the virus on a larger scale.

The overwhelming majority are younger, healthier people,” Dr. Atlas said.

It only matters if we cannot protect the high-risk people, which we are protecting … how do I know? Because the death rates are not going up.”

When I looked at every single hospital area in Texas today, 15-20% of people in the hospital as inpatients are COVID-positive patients. That means 80-85% have nothing to do with COVID-19. And the same thing goes with some of these other states. There are people hospitalized, a large number, because they are tested as COVID-positive, somehow they are categorized as COVID hospitalizations,” Dr. Atlas explained. “That is a problem.”

In the end, Dr. Atlas called it “ridiculous” to suggest that reopening policies are responsible for the spike in cases.

Dr. Atlas attributed the spike to “large protests” at the end of May and through June. “It is not the guy getting his hair cut in his barbershop,” he said.

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