Travel: Singapore Reopens Borders to the Fully Vaccinated

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On 22nd March Singapore reopens its borders to all fully vaccinated travelers, removing all existing vaccinated travel lanes and unilateral opening arrangements. The city-state has transitioned into a new simplified travel framework where countries and regions will be classified into 2 categories: general travel or the restricted category.

  • Under the framework, all fully vaccinated travelers, as well as children 12 anni and below, will be able to enter Singapore with just a pre-departure COVID-19 test. They will also no longer need to apply for entry approvals or take designated VTL transport to enter Singapore quarantine-free. In addition, there will be no more quotas on the number of daily arrivals an no more unsupervised antigen rapid test after arriving in Singapore.
  • As for visitors aged 13 and above who are not fully vaccinated, they are generally not allowed to enter Singapore, with a few exceptions. This includes long-term pass-holders who are medically ineligible for vaccines as well as those who have valid entry approval such as compassionate reasons. For this group, it will be required to take a pre-departure test within 2 days before departure for Singapore, undergo a 7-day stay-home notice, and take a (PCR) polymerase chain reaction test after their isolation frame.

Enjoy your travels, the chaos is about over worldwide, Keep the Faith!