Travel: Boom will shape the future of travel…

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“American Airlines has put down a nonrefundable deposit for 20 supersonic passenger jets that are still being designed and years away from flying”–Paul Ebeling

The amount of American’s deposit was not disclosed. The novel aircraft, called the Overture, carries a list price of $200-M. Last yr, United Airlines agreed to purchase 15 of the same planes.

Boom Supersonic said it expects the airplanes to be operational by Y 2029, which would mark the 1st time a private company has made a supersonic aircraft. 

The agreement puts American, the largest U.S. airline, in a position to have the world’s largest fleet of supersonic jets. The deal includes an option for the carrier to purchase an additional 40 aircraft, which would carry 65 to 80 passengers, Boom Supersonic said in an announcement Tuesday. 

American believes supersonic travel will play a Key role for airlines. 

Spike Aerospace is developing an ultra-fast business jet, and startup Hermeus is developing a plane that would travel 5X the speed of sound. 

Enjoy your travels, the chaos was bunk!