Tracking Wild Gorillas in the African Jungle

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“Spotting a wild gorilla in the African jungle is the epitome of a wildlife holidays”–Paul Ebeling

Mountain gorillas are the most majestic and rarest of all non-human primates. Only 700 of these magnificent creatures remain in the world, all of them found in the border area between Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A guided gorilla tracking is an awesome experience and worth all the long hall travel efforts. Watch below a clip of a recent gorilla tracking; the clip includes some stunning moments.

  • Best time to visit: while gorillas can be tracked all year-long, the best time to track gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda is during the country’s 2 dry seasons: January and February and from June to September.
  • Recommended tour operator: Uber Luxe Safaris
  • Review: read a review of gorilla trekking here.
  • My selection of luxury lodges: Bisate Lodge by Wilderness Safaris (Rwanda), One&Only Gorillas Camp (Rwanda), Singita Kwitonda (Rwanda) & Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge (Uganda)

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