Too Tired to Workout? Ask Coach Bee

A busy schedule, Pandemic Blues, not enough sleep and sketchy nutrition can all play a role making you feel tired and when it’s time for a workout.

When you’re too tired to work out, it’s all too tempting to simply skip exercise in favor of the couch and your favorite passive pastime. It is a mistake, exercise can actually improve and increase your energy levels and mood and it is always an important daily component of a healthy lifestyle.

Rather than avoiding your workout, use strategies to ensure that physical activity remains a priority every day.

Coach Bee can help, here is what she has to say on the matter:

You’re so right! How are you supposed to work out for more energy…when you have no energy to begin with?! 

Ill be honest, I’m totally guilty of hitting the gym even when I mentally don’t feel like it and most of the time it does work. The minute I start getting my heart rate up and I get into the swing of the routine, I am feeling much better and I’m glad that I push myself into the gym. But you know what? Sometimes forcing yourself to exercise is not always the answer.

Sometimes, you really do need a break to heal your mind. 

Side note: isn’t it amazing how much our mental health impacts our physical health and vice versa?! Taking care of both sides is so important! 

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Coach Bee is a Health and Fitness Coach from Singapore residing in Bangkok, Thailand and the favored Personal Trainer/Lifestyle Consultant of many high profile locals. She also serves as a freelance Group Fitness Coach, a Yoga Instructor, Strength Coach who creates bespoke agendas for clients as she considers each unique and special.

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