Today, the Mindset Encourages Thinking Not Knowing

#knowing #thinking #wisdom

Many people have lost touch with the magic and wisdom we hold” — Paul Ebeling

The prevalent mindset today encourages thinking and negates knowing.

Our rational, western culture teaches us to rely on logic, data, and what we can see with our eyes. This dependence on rational thinking has come at the expense of our deeper wisdom and inner knowing.

It takes patience and trust to honor our inner knowing, as the answer will not be immediate, it often needs to emerge and unfold.

Every time I honored the slow process, the results show up so quickly once I get clarity from inside myself and then take aligned action in the outer world. It turbocharges my ability to get what I want.

It is a knowing, not a thinking that gives me the answer.

Think back on your life, was there a time you just knew something?  What did that feel like? And how might you be ignoring or discounting your inner knowing right now?

To create work and a life you love, trust yourself more and take aligned action to support your inner voice.

Have a happy, prosperous day, Keep the Faith!