Time is a Concept of the Mind…

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“For the Present is the point at which time touches eternity” — CS Lewis

… that can exist only within the mind. Outside of mind and its multiplicity of concepts and theories, there is only the ever-present, continuous, and uninterrupted Now. So, anything outside of the here and now is non-existent. The past is merely an appearance that exists within the human function of memory. It has no present reality.

All that is exists within consciousness, including all concepts of space and time including all remembrances of history. Space and time exist within our conscious awareness. We do not exist within them. You are the Eternal Now.

The history we attach our identity onto and conceptually cling to is as unreal as a wave that once splashed on the surface of the ocean ten thousand years ago. It cannot be said to have ever really existed, at least not without the presence of a conscious observer, which, even then, would have only been a momentary and impermanent appearance within consciousness.

All appearances are false however it is only that which enables such perceptions to be perceived that is real this is the Eternal Self, the Universal Consciousness.

Our personal past, including the totality of all human history, is conceptually grappled with by people because the ego is addicted to self-identifying with memory, which we have attached all of our emotions and sense of self onto.

Ego languishes in false appearances, including mental images of both the conceptual past and the conceptual future which is why Now is so powerful. As it is the only thing that is truly Real. It is the only thing we can affect. It is the source of our very breath. It is our beingness.

The past matters not, and the future does not exist.

So, when we peacefully abide in the infinite abundance of our choiceless awareness, we embrace the Eternal Now with our True Self—which can also be called, Love, or as the Vedas describe it, Satcitananda: existence, consciousness, bliss.

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!