These Places Empty Out in September

The traditional Summer season closes and the crowds start to disperse in September creating a quieter environment for a fantastic late-Summer vacation.

Waiting out the Summer crowds pays off at the destinations listed below, so get ready to go.

Zurich, CH

By September, temperatures in Switzerland have dropped into the 60’s and the Summer tourist crowds have moved on.

This means the high hotel prices drop, clearing the way for a new group of travelers who want to experience this city without breaking their bank.

Check out Spa Zurich with its view from the rooftop pool and walk through the eclectic Rosenhof Market for bohemian treasures and handmade arts and crafts.

Then visit the magnificent Grossmünster Cathedral and eat Swiss cheese fondue to round out your trip.

St. Augustine, Florida

As August winds down and school starts back up, families leave the beaches of Florida in droves. But the Sun is still shining in St. Augustine, making it perfect for visitors who haven’t been hit by the End-of-Summer blues.

To begin your trip, take a sunset cruise or a trolley tour to get acquainted with the city’s Spanish colonial architecture.

Then take a trip to Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, the only surviving 17th-Century fort in North America.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is really crowded during its popular season, May through June, but September is a prime time to visit. It is still warm and not nearly as crowded, plus you’ll get to hit up La Merce, Barcelona’s largest street party. La Merce is a celebration to say goodbye to Summer and welcome Autumn and it includes the Fire Run, human towers, Giants Parade, projection show, and much more.

San Diego, California

In California, Summer lasts well into September with warm water temperatures and friendly forecasts.

But tourist numbers drop drastically in September compared to July and August, with beaches and tourist attractions clearing out as local schools start back up.

Take a dip in the ocean and go to the San Diego Zoo or the San Diego Botanic Garden.

The Maldives

July and August make up monsoon season in the Maldives, with the rain starting to clear out by September. But, the big tourist rush does not begin until November, so you can get in ahead of the crowds and enjoy the island chain while it is relatively empty.

Consider visiting Malé, the capital of this tropical island nation in the Indian Ocean.

There, you can stroll around the city and enjoy the main market full of vibrantly-colored fabrics and foods before visiting the National Museum to see historic artifacts.

Hudson Valley and the Catskills, New York

For many New York City residents, Hudson Valley is a popular retreat, but by September the summer crowds have returned to work and school.

You can enjoy a quieter vacation with all the same shops and amenities and maybe even cheaper prices.

Go to Bear Mountain State Park or embrace the spirit of autumn by visiting the Angry Orchard cider house in Walden, New York.

Costa Rica

On the Caribbean side, Costa Rica has some of its best weather in the month of September. 15 September is also the nation’s Independence Day when citizens celebrate independence from Spain in Y 1821.

Parades, dancers, street parties, and children carrying lanterns through the streets are all part of this big party.

Get swept up in the spirit of national pride by buying some rice pudding from a street vendor and joining in on the fun.


Cyprus isn’t crowded in September, and you’ll still get warm weather and maybe even a private view of the loggerheads turtles that lay their eggs through late September. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to watch the baby turtles hatching and heading for the ocean.

You will also want to try some traditional food, such as the grilled meat kebabs known as souvlakiand the delicious fried halloumi cheese.

Enjoy your travels

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