The US Senate has No Power to Try and Convict a Private Citizen, Period!

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The framers of the Constitution did not intended for a former President to be placed on trial. The USA is not a Republic that recriminates against people who have been defeated for office, unlike other countries in the world.

Partisans who use the cover of scholarship to come to the conclusion they want to on partisan grounds are off center. What they do is 1st come to their conclusions based on partisan considerations, and then hide behind their skewed scholarship to try to come up with arguments that will justify their political conclusions.

The People should not take them seriously.

They can go through the motions. It is political theater. The reason I am not participating in this directly is I am neither a politician nor an actor. And so there is no role for me, as a real lawyer, as there was in the 1st impeachment,” declared connotational law expert Alan Dershowitz. Adding, “…any action will be null and void and should be ignored.

Notably, US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said Friday, he will not preside over the 8 February scheduled trial of Donald Trump, a private citizen.

Tune out the Noise!

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