The Trump Era is Different Than The McCarthy Era

The Trump Era is Different Than The McCarthy Era

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During the McCarthy Era, just the question of communism cut across Americans of all persuasions.

The Big Q: Are you on Senator Joe McCarthy’s side or not?

Senator McCarthy’s conspiratorial and anti-communism crusade was either defensible or not.

For many who parted their hair on the right, the question of whether you were “with” Senator McCarthy completely crowded out the question of whether or not you were a Republican or Democrat, and where you stood on the question of communism itself.

It was a discussion around the family dinner tables across America, I remember it like yesterday.

The Key issue was whether Senator McCarthy went too far in his accusations of vast communist conspiracies within the government and other insinuations of treason on a mass scale on not or not far enough.

The Trump Era is very different

Tops among them was this; the 1950’s, communism was on the march across Europe and through the institutions of government and academia in the US.

Communism was a big issue and it invited passion from all corners.

In The Trump Era, passion runs high, but the cause seems much smaller.

The People are being told that the Deep State is another 5th column conspiracy within the highest reaches of the federal government, dedicated to itself not some outside power, aka “star chamber”

We have learned that the Deep State sent “spies” to infiltrate Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign in order to derail it somehow, and failed, causing irreparable damage to that of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and leading to the shredding of the legacies of 3 US political dynasties: Hussein Obama, Clinton and the Bushs.

It is true that the FBI, DOJ intentionally, with President Hussein Obama’s and the CIA’s knowledge and support, unscrupulously cut corners in its investigations into a few very low level Trump Campaign’ers for what looks to be an excuse to tear down candidate Donald Trump early on his march to the White House, which none of them thought remotely possible even late on 8 November 2016 when he was the unanimous victor.

Sebastian Gorka, a staunch and savvy political analyst, insists that the inappropriate use of a FISA warrant to investigate Messrs Page and Papadopoulos is “100X worse” than any political crimes committed here to fore in our Constitutional Republic.

The McCarthy Era had similar citations.

There were figurative witch hunts then, with “witches: who gave the Soviet Union nuclear secrets and warlocks who swore allegiance to a foreign power and the cause of overthrowing the US government.

There are witches her too, in the form of those Deep State operatives that have been working for the past 40 years to create the NWO (new world order) based on Marxist socialism, and those witches are being exposed by the failure of the Deep State to derail Donald J. Trump’s Presidency.

In the McCarthy Era there was the Soviet Union, well the Soviet is now the Russian Confederation a capitalist world power. And in the McCarthy Era if 1 questioned him it was treason.

Those who question President Trump’s identification of the Deep State it is a disloyalty to our nation, our duly elected President to Trump and most of all a pledge to the failed political theories of Karl Marx.

Soon to be a civilian, US Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC), once thought to be a real conservative, but last week showing up as an GOP elite minion of the Deep State, as he defended the FBI’s investigation of Messrs Page and Papadopoulos on the word (no documents) of The Agency.

Remember, Mr. Gowdy is a prosecutor 1st and has deep friendships within the Hoover Building stone walls from the front door to the 7th floor.

I recall the McCarthy Era lasting about 4 years, short for an era, but communism was just coming in vogue in the West and he cut it at its knees.

The Bush version or NWO has had 40 yrs to develop, and so its eradication will take a much longer frame, befitting the term Era.

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The Trump Mission: MAGA

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