The Trump Era, an American Revolution

Over the last 40 yrs globalization stripped the US economy and made life uncertain for America’s middle class.

In that frame America became a land of Winners and Losers who did not talk to their neighbors, did not know their names or the country neighbors came from.

Looking at The Trump Era, The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties author Christopher Caldwell examines our political crises from the point of view of those Americans who, by Y 2016, believed that the country they knew and loved was slipping away.

What makes this book so provocative is its suggestion that the account of victorious civil rights movement is a myth, that it is a way of looking at things.

History is written by the victors, and after 50 yrs of civil rights winning, the suggestion that this victor should not have won is pure heresy.

All Americans are required to accept that the civil rights movement was a important and necessary step forward.

Leftism today is extreme. Feminism today is too radical.

With respect to race, today the race-conscious militancy with its vicious sloganeering and brazen hostility towards Whites, is seen as the corruption of the pure, race-neutral liberalism of the civil rights movement.

Those who suffered the most had realized, by Y 2016, that they were on the losing side of the revolution and waged a counter-revolution with Donald J. Trump.

Civil made race into the central fact of American life. Once institutionalized, civil rights grew into a mighty, bureaucratic regime, an identity-fixated Eye of Sauron empowered to police and transform every area of public and private life.

The 2 Key tools at its disposal, political correctness and affirmative action, emanated directly from the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which created new ways of working around the will of the majority.

Through fear of litigation and the stigma of being labeled a bigot, civil rights empowered activists to win transforming changes not by persuading the people to accept them and passing laws, but through a combination of legal gamesmanship, censorship, and court-ordered redress.

Everything that conservatives abhor about political correctness and progressivism: the bullying and witch hunts, the judicial activism was baked into the civil rights layer cake.

At each layer of its advance, civil rights intimidated a majority into giving up its rights, status, dignity, and resources to a rising group of protected minorities who had acquired “an iron grip on the levers of state power,” working in tandem with “judicial elites” to short-circuit democracy.

Civil rights empowered “minoritarian impulses,” like the push to normalize gay life, and gender selection to “override every barrier that democracy might seek to erect against them.”

This movement became a direct rival to our Constitution, 1 that eroded the understanding of liberty that Americans had taken for granted under the written Constitution of Y 1787.

Minorities acquired a “mysterious set of passwords and procedures” that required society to “drop everything and respond to their demands,” the majority got short ended, dethroned and relegated to the margins of America’s national story. Life in America became about “diversity,” period. That is, it became about everybody except them!

Whites thought that once racism was solved through legislation, all Americans could live in harmony and peace.

But what started in the 1960’s by Martin Luther King, Jr. as a movement against racism had turned, by Y 2016, into a new social order defined by race, sex, sexual orientation, and other forms of belonging centered on those groups that were once underground. What was billed as a 1-time solution to segregation had become an “entire new system of constantly churning political reform” that was extended to include the new groups: gays, women, and immigrants.

A new paternalistic state looked with favor on certain groups and punished others, most of all Whites, especially White men. The Winners in the new normal praised it as a liberation, while the losers became conscious of being displaced.

White Americans realized that pressing claims for their rights and dignity in the name of the real American Constitution was futile, since it had been replaced by something else: the King ideology of “anti-racism” had actually developed into plain old racism, this time directed toward them.

Precisely through their constitutional exclusion under civil rights, Whites became more conscious of their race. And by Y 2016, the only way back to the race-blind, Constitutional order is “the repeal of the civil rights laws.”

The Big Q: At what point in time was civil rights legitimate?

The Big A: Never, as the old world was turned upside down.

Americans now live in a country in which the deadly coronavirus pandemic cannot be discussed without making it about race, as in The China Virus.

The White revolution leading to The Trump Era, and the power of civil rights, perhaps it is the final twitch of the convolution of dissent as the new Trump Era takes a firm hold on the Republic under the Constitution of 1787.

Notably, From the start of his Presidential campaign in June 2015, and well into his time in office, Donald Trump has brought forth his iconoclastic and strong conservative approach to domestic policy, foreign policy and international affairs. As he has reestablished America’s power at home and throughout the world.

Making and Keeping America Great!

Have a healthy weekend, stay home.

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