The Trucking Industry Plays an Essential Role in the Economy of the US

The transportation industry has always been important to the US, but in a time of crisis, this importance is even more evident.

Finding a way to make sure that this transportation industry continues is essential to not only the economy, but also the health of the country.

At the center of this industry is the need for refrigerated trucks. Often referred to as reefer trailers, these temperature controlled units are used for the transportation of both foods and medicines.

As the face of the current health crisis changes on a daily basis, it is important to know that there may be a need for many companies to buy reefer trailers to add to their fleets.

Not only new there are also many companies that will be looking for used reefer trailers for sale so that they can meet the increased demand in some parts of the country.

Refrigerated trucks play an important role in the most on time delivery of many of the products that both individuals and families need.

Dairy trucks, freezer trucks, and trucks that deliver important medicines and vaccines are needed no matter how difficult the road conditions are, and no matter how challenging the health crisis in the nation becomes.

As the nation continues to navigate this Virus Normal, there are many sectors that will continue to rely on the delivery of goods.

Many of these goods will need to be refrigerated or frozen. As a result, the refrigerated trucking industry will be important. Both new and used reefer trailers will continue to be in demand.

The global refrigerated trailer market is expected to reach a market value of $7,658-B by Y 2022, but there are many experts who believe that these numbers could change with the latest demands brought on by the battle against Covid-19 coronavirus.

  • Between the Ys 2016 and 2022, the global refrigerated trailer market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8%, but the additional reefer trailer costs incurred during this pandemic may change those numbers as well.
  • Approximately 40,000 refrigerated trailers were ordered in the US in January 2018, according to FTR Transportation Intelligence, but those numbers may change in Y 2020 and going forward as the nation awaits a vaccine for Covid-19.

Los Angeles, Long Beach, New York/New Jersey, Seattle/Tacoma, and Savannah are the Top 5 US ports, and it is at these locations where reefer trailer costs can be even more important in the price of any product that needs temperature control.

Again, refrigerated trucks play an important role in the most timely delivery of many of the products that both individuals and families need no matter what the condition of the nations roads.

We need our highway infrastructure upgraded, so expect President Trump to attack that issue as he puts America back to work.

Have a healthy week, stay home, Keep the Faith!

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