The Rx for Staying Healthy, Do Not Be Afraid

A leading physician tells us that taking the necessary precautions to protect oneself against the COVID-19 coronavirus will go a long way in stemming the tide of the outbreak.

Right now is the time for caution and not fear,” Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum says. “Follow the recommendations for social distancing, hand washing, and sanitizing your home as recommended by the experts.”

Dr. Teitelbaum says people are becoming “horribly frightened.” The fear has spawned a rush of panic attacks and anxiety that TV doctor Dr. Mehmet Oz says is as concerning for the medical profession as the virus itself.

It is a physical problem. It’s not just in your head the rapid palpitations, the sweating, the feeling that the world is closing in on you. These symptoms can cause all kinds of detrimental effects,” he says.

There are some very simple things people can do to dramatically decrease serious complications if they become infected.

For many, if not most people, the infection is no more severe than the normal flu,” he says. “The problems are with a small percent of people where it can progress into potentially deadly pneumonia.”

Here are his tips:

  • Take 50 milligrams of Zinc a day for a month. “Zinc is poison to the coronavirus, and basically does a spay or neuter on the virus so that it cannot reproduce
  • Optimize your immunity, he recommend a vitamin powder that contains zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin D. All of these can have dramatic immune benefits. Start this now and stay on it for the long term.
  • Consider using Plaquenil and Zithromax at the 1st sign of the virus. “There are small but very well-done studies that say these 2 treatments cause 75% of people to be virus free after 6 days, instead of the usual 20 days,” he says.

He also suggests protecting yourself from the barrage of “misinformation” in the news.

So, relax, enjoy the time with yourself and your family, and do the things mentioned above to help keep you safe. You are going to be Ok, do not be afraid.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

Have a happy healthy Easter and Passover weekend, stay home, Keep the Faith!