The ‘Return of Freedoms’ with Caveats

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America, Land of the almost free, Home of the frightened“– Paul Ebeling

The VirusCasedemic vaccines are rolling out daily and now the CDC has released guidelines on who can do what if they are vaccinated.

Before you start to celebrate there is this caveat: You can hug your family members again, get a haircut or get that cavity you been waiting for a year to get filled, but only if you’re fully vaccinated, and then only with some more caveats.

For example: vaccinated people should avoid crowds and travel, unless they are visiting with small groups of other vaccinated people. If everybody in that small group is vaccinated, then it is Ok to remove your mask and be cautious about social distancing.

MSM is calling this a “return of freedoms,” and some are saying to those who still have not taken the vaccine: “The glimpse of post-vaccination liberation could offer a new incentive to buckle down with social distancing and masking for just a few months longer,” and maybe “also encourage vaccine skeptics to step forward to help create the herd immunity in the population needed to stop Covid-19 spreading.”

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!