The Real ‘Pandemic’ is Fear Mongering and Ignorance

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Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively, Do not be afraid”–Paul Ebeling

The Big Q: Tired of the pandemic and the nonstop stream of misinformation on and about it?

The Big A: Below is a list of 9 items that are contributing to the skewing of the statistics and blurring of the facts about COVID-19.

Here they are, print them and attach where you and your family can read them every day, as follow:

  1. The PCR test is “practically useless,” as the amount of virus in up to 90% of tests is so minuscule that the patient was asymptomatic and posed no threat to others
  2. A positive is not a case
  3. Only 6% of deaths attributed to COVID-19 are due exclusively to the virus
  4. Less than 1% of positive cases are potentially life threatening
  5. According to the CDC, 85% of positive cases wore masks always or often
  6. There are inexpensive, proven therapies for COVID-19
  7. The U.S. death rate is not spiking
  8. Most COVID-19 deaths occur at the end of a normal lifespan and,
  9. CDC data show that there is minimal risk for COVID-19 to children and young adults

Taken together it should be obvious that COVID-19 is similar to typical flu viruses that sicken some people annually. The vast majority are able to successfully fight off the virus with their body’s natural immune system. Common sense precautions should be taken, particularly by those over 65 anni, that suffer from preexisting medical conditions.

The gross over reaction by government leaders to this illness is causing much more distress, physical, emotional and financial, than the virus ever could on its own.

The bottom line this is not a pandemic, just a typical flu season that has been wildly blown out of proportion by 24/7 media propaganda and enabled by the masses paralyzed by irrational fear.

State and local governments in particular have ignored the rights of The People and have instituted outrageous attacks on freedom and liberty that was bought and paid for by the blood and sacrifice of our forefathers.

Slowly The People are recognizing the great fraud perpetrated on them by non elected Deep State bureaucrats and elected officials who have sworn to uphold rights and freedoms as spelled out in the US Constitution.

The time has come to hold these criminals accountable by utilizing the legal system to bring them to justice, Dr. Anthony Fauci 1st and foremost.

Either we act now to preserve freedom and liberty for our children and future generations yet unborn, or we meekly submit to tyrants like Governors Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) who crave more power and control.

The risk of compliance with tyrnary may be deadlier than the viral disease.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith, Do not be afraid!

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