The Prudent Rules for Buying Stocks in This Market


Many of good stocks were sold back to Y 2016 prices and some were hurt much worse than that including: travel, Oil & Gas and entertainment related stocks.

The Big Q: What to buy in today’s market?

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After the major C-19 coronavirus stock market crash in March, many stocks were 30, 40, and even 50% off their highs, not all are buys now, so here are the rules.

Rules for buying stocks and ETFs, as follows:

  1. We like ETFs and stocks with solid dividends that are down more than 25% from their 52 wk highs.
  2. Blue-chip related ETFs and stocks with enough cash to outlast competitors.
  3. ETFS and stocks set up to sell products and services to the world’s consumers.
  4. ETFs and stocks which have adapted for better online sales in the last 100 days.
  5. ETFs or stocks with a quality dividend are super assitions to a tax deferred account.
  6. Avoid ETFs and stocks that may be negatively affected by people working from home or securities with big city C-19 coronavirus chaos revenue issues such as some Real Estate stocks.

We have 7.6-B people on Earth that need food, housing, healthcare, education, entertainment and more.

Look at how and what others are buying. Learn what people are doing with their money. That is where the secrets of investing lie for the future.

Do your homework.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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