The Most Beautiful Places in France

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France is filled with beautiful places for travelers to explore.

The Camargue, a marshy delta by the Mediterranean, features red salt flats and free-roaming white horses.

Nothing captures the glamor of the country like the French Riviera.

Then there are the towns and cities: charming Colmar, colorful Menton, hilltop Rocamadour, and, of course, Paris.

If you are looking for some visual inspiration for your next trip, let this list of some of the most beautiful places in France be your guide, as follows:

The Camargue, Provence

The Camargue is a marshy delta between the Mediterranean and the 2 branches of the Rhône that feels like another continent. Visitors can take Jeep tours deep into the wilderness punctuated with briny ponds, red salt flats, and wind-whipped reeds and grasses. You will also see the Camargue’s trademark free-roaming white horses and some of its 400 bird species, including herons, plus you may even spot flamingos.


There is a reason the word flaner cannot be translated perfectly into English, the idea of a long, aimless stroll taken simply to soak up the scenery seems utterly French. And in Paris, there is always something to stroll past. Walk the Promenade Plantee, considered the world’s 1st elevated park, stock up on cheese and wine for a picnic in Luxembourg Gardens, and end the day watching the Sun set behind the Eiffel Tower.

Château de Chambord, Loire Valley

This is not of the best-known French palaces, Château de Chambord is 1 of the most beautiful. Located inside a wooded park in the Loire Valley, the majestic building brings drama to the landscape and that is before you have a chance to see the swirled staircase, intricate ceilings, and 17th- and 18th-Century furnishings inside.

Strasbourg Cathedral, Alsace

Strasbourg’s Gothic cathedral is known as “The Pink Cathedral” for its trademark color, which comes from the reddish sandstone used to build it. Although the original plans called for a pair of spires on Top of the church, just 1 was built, giving the building a unique, somewhat mysterious look.

Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy

Rising up from vast sandbanks and powerful tides, the rocky island of Mont Saint-Michel gives off an otherworldly appearance in its position off France’s northwestern coast in Normandy. A small medieval village, complete with winding streets and tiny houses, sits on the island, but the crown jewel is undoubtedly the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel. The incredibly abbey was built in 708 AD.

Palace of Versailles

A symbol of the pinnacle of luxury, Louis XIV’s 18th-Century residence is 1 of the more impressive combined displays of art, architecture, interior design, and landscaping in the world. It houses a sumptuously decorated chapel and a full opera house. Don’t miss the Queen’s bedchambers, a masterpiece of Over-the-Topness, the legendary Hall of Mirrors, used by the French government today to receive heads of state or the 3 sqm of gardens.

Menton, French Riviera

The town of Menton has all the beauty of the Côte d’Azur’s better-known coastal cities, but a fraction of the crowds. With over 316 days of Sunshine a year, exceptional gardens, boutique-filled alleyways, and quality Italian cuisine due to its position on the Franco-Italian border, it is an ideal spot for a day trip from Monte Carlo.

Mont Blanc, Chamonix

The roof of western Europe is the birthplace of Alpinism and home to one of today’s most vibrant mountain sports communities, so it is a given that Mont Blanc and its subsidiary peaks need not bow to any mountains, anywhere. It’s Gothically-drawn skyline is the kind that inspires poets and painters.

Pont du Gard Roman Aqueduct, Occitanie

An ancient Roman aqueduct that crosses the Gardon River in southern France, Pont du Gard was built in the 1st Century AD and named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in Y 1985. The structure carries water 31 miles to Nîmes and stands 160 ft high on 3 levels, making it a technical and artistic engineering masterpiece.

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