The Majority of Americans Feel Better Off than 4 Yrs Ago

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Gallup recently released a poll where it asked Americans how they feel about their circumstances today as opposed to 4 yrs ago. Thus, proving the Trump Policies work.

And even with The China Act of War Virus, the resulting instant recession and the ongoing division surrounding the upcoming elections, the majority of Americans feel better off today then during The Hussein Obama Administration.

The poll found 56% of Americans say they are better off now than they were in Y 2016 when Hussein Obama and Lie’n Biden were in office.

More surprisingly just 32% of Americans said they were worse off now. The 56% is a record high when the poll was conducting during the election of a sitting President.

The high better off number is really not surprising. And, had the virus chaos not caused the economic and social wrecking ball, it is not hard to imagine that the better off number would have exceeded 60%.

The reason for this is easy to see.

Most Americans judge whether they are better off by looking at economic, security and general living conditions, including personal freedom. In each of those 3 areas, Americans are far better off.

Where did this ‘better off’ question originate? Oddly enough, during his presidential campaign in 1980, Ronald Reagan asked Americans, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” Since then, this question has served as a key standard for presidents running for reelection and once again, it has popped up again!

How does one really know? Well, yes and no wonder so let’s look at what Trump promised at the outset of his Presidential bid  and accomplished. The list is long but let’s examine only the more important of these. First, Trump reduced taxes, reined in the Obama–Biden regulatory regime that was strangling businesses, reduced overall unemployment to levels deemed impossible by previous administrations, and most importantly reduced minority unemployment to historic lows. In essence, he outperformed Obama–Biden on Gross Domestic Product, and rendered the nation energy independent. 

“In addition, significant reduction also has occurred in illegal immigration, a number of trade treaties have been cancelled or renegotiated and NATO expenditures have been lower plus a number of American industries are returning home. In my opinion, the voters have experienced this progress in their daily lives, which explains why they now view the economic recovery as the most urgent single issue facing the nation, a priority that has been substantiated by the Pew Research Center, reiterated by the Kaiser Family Foundation, and confirmed by Gallup – as noted herein.

The only response that can be given is thank you, Mr. President. He has accomplished all of the above in spite of the negatively and the Party polarization that has politically occurred in Congress who have tried to blame the President for everything, in particular the pandemic. However, the real blame on the latter rests with the prior Administration which stupidly and irresponsibly depleted critical medical and basic supplies because of the swine flu.

“As the nation remains in a pandemic-induced recession, U.S. registered voters say the economy is the most important issue of 16 that may potentially affect their choice for president. Nearly nine in ten registered voters consider the presidential candidates’ positions on the economy “extremely” (44%) or “very” (45%) important to their vote. To me, as a senior business recovery expert, the economy is on the ebb of returning to returning to pre-pandemic conditions. 

All the signals are there as the economy is typically rated #1, in my opinion, as the most important issue in helping voters decide whom to support in presidential elections. In my opinion, Americans want to voted on a proven individual and not one where many questions have still left unanswered,” says economist and editorial contributor Bruce WD Barren.

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Looking Ahead: Investors will receive the wkly Initial and Continuing Claims report, the Philadelphia Fed Index for October, the Empire State Manufacturing Index for October, Import and Export Prices for September, and possibly the Treasury Budget for September Thursday.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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