The Law of Attraction and Manifestation Lies in the Age of Information

For instance, a speaker on innovation, humans and the future said, “The future does not arrive. It’s created.”

In short, we, humans, create the future, it just does not happen.

So, if one wants to bring positive experiences into life, the focus must be on positive thoughts.

Conversely, thinking negative thoughts will bring negative experiences.

Positive attracts Positive. Negative attracts Negative. Thus, the Law of Attraction.

The Big Qs: What is positive thought, what is negative thought?

The Big As: It is up to the person. What is good for one can be bad for another. For instance, let’s take the stock market, for every investor that wins money, 1 has to lose money. All participants cannot win.

The 1st step is to come with the thoughts believe they are true. The 2nd step is taking action based on a plan to make them true, information is the Key.

In this information age, not only is there more information. There are more and easier ways to tailor and present information.

That means the law of attraction and manifestation can become more, not less, likely.

Manifesting thought means to make it real, to make it true.

In the end, the law of attraction says that one can make real whatever is imagines, truths and untruths. Moreover, it says that 1 will be able to attract people who want to make the truth a new truth too. Truth then, can become becomes whatever the thinker can carefully make it be.

Thus attraction to the manifested thoughts and innovations brings believers and followers.

Make it real, make it true.