The Inflation Hedge: Bitcoin Vs Gold and Real Estate

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Bitcoin is becoming a better inflation hedge than gold and real estate, as The People are becoming increasingly aware of inflation and that traditional assets cannot always solve the problem”— Paul Ebeling

The Big Q: What’s the hedge?

The Big A: 3 choices; 1, you get priced out of the market because real estate’s all-cash buyers. 2, it’s gold, but with 20% purchasing power debasement, gold does not go up 20% per year. You need something that really has much more alpha than that, Crypto!

And, storing money in the bank is also not for anyone who want to preserve the value of their capital. Bitcoin‘s tool as an inflation hedge is getting stronger. 

People that have a lot of money are looking for that hedge now. If you are sitting much of your net worth in a bank account, you are losing 2% of value a month, that is the dire fact.

People have done the math and are telling us, ‘We got to fix this,’ so what do they do with their cash balance? The solution, join us at KnightsbridgeDAO, we are leading the way, click here,

There’s only one hard asset on this planet, and I’ve looked, and that’s Bitcoin”–Benjamin Cowen, a Top crypto analyst. 

Have a prosperous week, keep the Faith!