The Gold Rush Flying Under Wall Street’s Radar


The Dutch Central Bank recently argued in an article that if there were to be a major monetary reset, “gold stock can serve as a basis” to rebuild the global monetary system.

Investor Ray Dalio recently cautioned attendees at the Institute for International Finance conference when he mentioned the possibility of a flight to gold because of his concerns about America’s fiscal position.

So, hope for the best, while preparing for the worst, start now,

The Big Q: What is the best way to hedge against a potential global recession?

The Big A: Gold.   

Investors are piling into gold in a big way. The market is hot. Some are even saying that $2,000/oz gold may be on the horizon. 

The smart money knows that when gold goes up…so do the companies that mine it

In Y 2016, gold prices jumped 26% in 6 months, gold miners exploded. 

African Gold Group (TSX:AGG.V, OTCMKTS:AGGFF) CEO Stan Bharti notes, “Gold has always been and will always be investors’ favorite safe haven…and that’s good news for miners”

Mid-cap miner Endeavour Mining Corp gained 196% in 6 months, while its Ontario based competitor IAMGold gained 256% in that same frame, but the real winners were small-cap miners. 

Argonaut Gold’s share price jumped 298% in 6 months, and its peer Great Panther Mining saw its share price even jump by a whopping 340% in 4 months. 

And now, the same thing looks to be happening again. 

But catching the wave is not easy. From under-the-radar mines to old school producers stepping up their game, knowing where to look is the surest way to see big returns. 

When smart money is looking for a gold company with major Northside, they are looking for small companies with proven resources in the ground, and not gobbled up by the mega-miners.

Here is a conservative idea…

Toronto-based African Gold Group (TSX:AGG.V, OTCMKTS:AGGFF) checks every box.

It’s sitting on an estimated 2.2-M oz of mineral resources in the Kobada mine in Mali, a country that is currently experiencing its own gold rush. 

HeffX-LTN’s overall outlook for AGGFF is Neutral to Bullish with a Very Bullish bias in here. Do your homework.

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